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Axion Esti


Axion ESti shows good taste and love of those who worked for it.

Reality is different from the description. A beautiful place which combines the deep blue of the sea and nature with comfort and luxury are the sign of a perfect stay.

Axion Esti offers modern facilities, but also respects the beautiful natural environment.

Stone and green, the sun and sky are combined harmoniously and offer visitors the chance to enjoy unique moments of relaxation, as well as introduce them to beautiful and hospitable place.

It is our pleasure to help you discover  the beauties of our country and make every day of your pleasant




“Axion Esti” was built in 2018.It is located at ‘Glossa” of Skopelos  at  Vlachakis area. It consists of two  small buildings. All studios are nine and are divided into double, triple,  quadruple                  and five-bed room. Each studio has a private balcony and all rooms have a view of the sea. The soothing   of the island and the blue of the Aegean sea, dominate totally in the outer space of   “ Axion Esti”. The owners offers the hospitality and the mood for the visitors(with pleasure),in order to make them spend unforgettable moments of relaxation.

In Aksion Esti there are nine rooms. Each of them is named after ancient Greeks.

All of the rooms overlook the Aegean Sea.

Stone, nature and the blue colour of the sea and sky, as well as the combination of natural colours chosen for the decoration, give the sense of luxury and peace.



Minimum age of 18-year-old tenant

Maximum number of people 5

 Check –in  14 00     Check-out  8.00-12.00



Free cancellations:  10     days ago
50% refund:  7   days ago
no money is returned for cancelled reservations





Free Wifi


Hygiene items

Double Bed



Air Condition




Hair dryer





Besides the comfortable stay that Axion Esti offers, visitors can also do water sports or sports in the mountain and experience nature with beatiful sceneries.


Those who like the mountain can go hiking and mountain biking in the Moynt Delfi. More specifically, they can admire the breathtaking view and discover small churches and hidden springs.

Skopelos is an attraction for those interrested in the sky at night. They can see countlesss stars and different galaxies.

Visitor can also hire a sailing boat or a kayak in order to see the island, discover all the secrets that are on the island and cannot be reached in another way, as well as visit places they have never seen before.

Places to Visit

 Μόλις από το  Άξιον Εστί βρίσκεται η εξωτική παραλία  Μηλιά που είναι αμμουδερή , οργανωμένη σε καταπράσινο περιβάλλον. Ακριβώς δίπλα  της βρίσκεται η παραλία Καστάνι που έγινε διάσημη από τα γυρίσματα του Mamma Mia  και θεωρείται  από πολλούς η ομορφότερη παραλία του Νησιού Οργανωμένες Παραλίες με  Beach bars  και ξαπλώστρες είναι ο Πάνορμος , το Έλιος το Λιμνονάρι ενώ για κάποιον που αναζητά ιδιωτικότητα  οι παραλίες Περιβολιού Χονδρογιώργη και Αγίου Ιωάννη είναι ιδανικές  Παρόλο που είναι μικρές  και δυσπρόσιτες θα ανταμείψουν  τον επισκέπτη με την γαλήνη και τα διάφανα νερά τους .-



The excellent “Glossa” is a village outside the city  of Skopelos.It is situated  along a ridje above the harbor of “Loutraki” and is located on the north side of the island.The graphic cobblestone streets with the wooden and old balconies are obvious as well as  cars are not allowed to circulate.
“Loutraki” is the port of “Glossa” and is the second port of the island after the port of “Skopelos


The island has many monastiries and small churches, most of which date back to the Byzantine period. Leaving from Skopelos you will meat the monastery of “Metamorhosis tou Sotiros” from the 16th century,the monastery of Evangelistria,of St.Varvara from the 17th century,the monastery of Timiou Prodromou and that of St. Riginou.
In the capital of the island there are 123 small churches which you will discover walking in the traditional cabbled streets.St.Ioannis is a really beautiful church. It is at the top of a rock whose height is about 100metres and in order to reach if you have to climb about 106 steps hewed on the rock.


The folklore museum,since 1993,is in one of the oldest houses of the island which was built in 1965.The building is a donation from the Chatzistamati- Nikolaidi family, a historic family on the island.The collection of the museum shows the local marine tradition of the island.
Asklipion of ancient Peparithos is one of the most significant archeological find of Skopelos.It is one of the ancient temples of the God of Medicine,Asklipios and dates back to the 4th century B.C.
The ancient Roman thermal spa are in the port of Loutraki which is in the south-east part of the island from the thermal spa only mosaic floor has remained half of which is in the sea.



By road
a)From “Loutraki”:The distance from the port of “Loytraki” is 5,5Km. The route  takes about 11 minutes. You will follow the provincial road of Skopelos, you will pass the village of “Glossa” and continue your journey on the provincial road. “Axion Esti” is located on the road and before the village “Palio Klima” (there is a sign on the stone fence with the name:”Axion Esti”).
You can also use the line bus. Your route ends at the bus stop ”Agioi Anargiroi”, which is exactly in front of “Axion Esti”.


b) From skopelos(town) port: The distance from the port of “Skopelos town” is 34Km. The route takes about 30 minutes. You will  follow the provincial  road of Skopelos  leaving back the area of Skopelos. Firstly , you will meet the area of “Neo Klima-Elios”, afterwards  you will  pass the area of “Palio Klima” and before the village “Glossa” you will meet us on the road(there is a sign on the stone fence with the name:”Axion Esti”).
You can also use the line bus.Your route ends at the bus stop “Agioi Anargiroi”, which is exactly in front of “Axion Esti”.


By taxi: (telephone numbers)
a)From “Glossa”                            : Stamatis Koukorinis= tel. 6988544272
                                                        Dimitris Tsaknis= tel6978025718
                                                        John Xristou=tel 6944734024
b) From “Neo Klima-Elios”         :  Zachos Stamoulis= tel 6972841329
c) From Skopelos Town               : Kostas Vlahostamatis= tel 6944843738
                                                       Panagiotis Kalogiros= tel 6972693375
                                                      Thanasis Papazisis= tel 6945149342

Extra information renting a means of transport is necessary for moving outside of “Axion Esti”.


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